Experience the power
of Polish expertise

Nearshoring as a Service


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Find expertise in Poland: Polish universities have a long tradition of engineering and IT degree programs and are still among the best in these fields in Europe today.

Nearshoring as a Service

Scale with IT expertise from Poland

With emagine’s Nearshoring as a Service, you gain access to a fully scalable development department in Poland, allowing you to benefit from the large volume of highly qualified IT specialists in Poland.

In less than 45 days, you can have a team up and running, focusing on reaching your business objectives. We handle all the practicalities by providing offices, infrastructure, hardware and high-end IT experts. In short, we take care of the entire setup.

The service is tailored to your unique situation and is scalable to fit any team size you need. We have clients with two consultants and clients with 100+.


What you get


High volume of qualified senior consultants


Flexibility & scalability


Fit-for-purpose delivery model


Cultural fit


An experienced provider

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Let us show you around in the offices, where your future development team might work.

Attention leads to partnerships

We listen to understand, as it allows us to adapt to our clients’ challenges and circumstances, allowing us to create real impact and value, fostering solid partnerships in the process.

We are emagine, and we hear you.

How it works

Flexible, scalable & customizable

emagine’s Polish nearshore departments in Warsaw, Krakow, and Lodz are specialized in servicing European companies with tailored nearshoring services.

We believe in our ability to truly understand your challenges, as it enables us to provide tangible results and meaningful solutions. In summary, this is our approach:


Research phase

Are you still considering whether nearshoring is the right choice for your company?  Don’t worry! We will help you conduct the necessary research to make an informed decision without investing anything.

Let us take you on a trip to Poland to show you the facilities, interview consultants, talk with some of our clients and, in essence, get a hands-on sense of the Polish level of expertise and work culture.


We listen, we learn and clarify

To tailor the right service experience, we must understand your unique situation, challenges and requirements. You talk, we listen!


Fit-for-purpose delivery model

Based on our discussions and learnings, coupled with our extensive experience with providing customized nearshoring services, we will recommend the best possible delivery setup tailored to your needs and objectives.


Ramp up

Now, we ramp up. For our clients, speed is often critical. With our processes, you can expect to have a team ready to execute and deliver results in as little as 30-45 days.


Delivery in a seamless experience
We provide friction-free cooperation and ensure that you receive a service of the highest quality. We provide a full logistical package and setup, including offices, workstations and IT infrastructure.

So, lean back and let us help you scale with high-end Polish expertise.